Product specification

Ooutside micrometer, CSN 251420, 0÷25mm /41025401/ - SOMET

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• tolerance according to DIN 863
• screw pitch 0,5 mm
• carbide tipped spindle and anvil
• thimble with vernier and barrel with scale are in inox-chrome for better reading
• temperature insulating lining
• stop lever
• spindle and anvil are from hardened stainless steel
• easy possibility of measuring force setting
• rapid traverse or fine adjustment with integrated coupling
• unique possibility of zero setting by shifting of the barrel with scale (enables overlappingof worn micrometers)
• manufactured in metric or inch modificatio micrometers can be manufactured in modification according to the drawings or samples delivered by the customer
• delivered in plastic box with a wrench (at dimensionsver 25 mm (1") adjusting gauge included)
Accessories• adjusting gauges
Order No.41025401
Measuring range0 – 25 mm
Vernier0,01 mm
Limit error0,004 mm
A33 mm
B20,5 mm
C9 mm
D0,5 mm
E4 mm
Weight0,4 kg
Formula for limit error calculation
Fmax = 4 + (A/50) F = measuring error anywhere in the measuring range A = measuring range bottom limit in mm (or in inch) Fmax can be positive or negative


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